Irish Parcels: Service In Ireland, England, And Further

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The company claims to provide economical courier services for locations not only within Ireland and also to the UK and to more than 100 countries. It seems to a bold enough steps to offer even a comparison of their services and prices with their competitors and seems to declare that theirs is the most competitive one. The large volume of shipments makes it possible for them to bargain on contracts to transport in low prices. This will lead to a savings of around 80%. Door to door courier services seem to be the next stage in courier services in which the service personnel arrive at the residence and collect the shipment.

Customers can save up to 80% of their regular expenditure by using Irish Parcels. To avail their services, just log onto their website and fill the simple form on the home page. It’s a quick process and all options are available for different kinds of services. The quote for the order is available on the website. For orders with special needs, the service desk can also be contacted. After placing the order, downloadable labels will be made available to you and these have to be printed and pasted on the parcel. The service personnel will reach you and collect the item for quick delivery. Just like the dpd contact number, you can reach Irish Parcels on their contact number.

Large haulage and cheap rates

Cost-effectiveness is lime-lighted. Services are offered at competitive rates especially when the haulage is heavy. One of the best amenities of Irish Parcels is that they do not charge based on size or weight of the parcels. For international parcels, the prices are authentically low. The range of destinations is also wide, which is around 200. This seems to be ideal for small businesses that require export solution internationally. It can also be of service to send gifts to family members living abroad.

Offer of Compensation

A 50 pound cover on all registered orders is also available. If a few extra pounds are paid, the amount of cover can be increased. Check out the list of prohibited and non compensation items.


  • The following are some of the features which make your money work more for you:
  • The express service which makes delivery possible in reasonable speed.
  • Co-operation of service and carrier providers. So safe delivery of your goods is promised.
  • Frequent services to around 200 destinations around the world at competitive prices.
  • The service direct to your door helps you finish the job at the convenience of your home.
  • The upgraded online tracking facility helps you track the consignment and make you feel the foot.
  • A meaningful 50 pound compensation cover is available for every item.
  • The customer service desks are available far and wide and the toll-free number can be rung up for further details.

Customer Speak:

Tony Broom, a customer, has given his opinion about Irish Parcels. He feels that the services are quick and need-based. He appreciates the efficiency and empathy of our system and personnel. He also remarks about the convenient order cancellation system available with us.

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