A Complete Guide On Teeth Whitening Process


Tooth whitening process helps to remove the stains and discoloration on your teeth. It is widely used cosmetic dental treatments because it changes the look of your teeth. The number of tooth whitening treatment is higher in any dentist clinic than other dental procedures. It is hard to get the white teeth in a single treatment. You need to visit the dentist office for multiple times for the completion of the treatment.

You can maintain the brighter color of your teeth in your entire lifetime by fixing an appointment with regular intervals of time. You must pick the right Newmarket orthodontist for your dental treatment.

Enamel refers to the outer surface of your teeth. The color of your teeth is produced by the reflection and the distributing of light off the enamel along with the dentin present below it. If the enamel is thinner then it makes to show off most of the dentin. Also rougher and smoother enamel damages the reflection and the color. Generally, a thin coating of layer forms on the enamel and forms staining. Sometimes the holes in the enamel hold the stains.

The main reasons for the discoloring of your tooth are the habit of drinking coffee, tea and other dark colored liquid, using a cigarette or other tobacco products and not following good dental care procedures. Once you become old, the enamel becomes thinner and the dentin becomes darker which causes the color to fade.

Sometimes the stains reach inside of your teeth which are called intrinsic stains. It is mostly caused when a child is exposed to too much of fluoride substance during the teeth developing stage. Even trauma darkens your teeth. When taking the treatment for teeth whitening, if there are cavities, it should be removed first. If your teeth gums are receded, the roots showed off becomes discolor and not support for teeth whitening. Receding gums or tooth decay makes your teeth sensitive and teeth whitening will not work in such circumstances.

Teeth whitening will not work on porcelain veneers, crowns or ceramic teeth. There are two types of whitening process. The first one is vital whitening and the second method is a non-vital whitening process.

In the vital whitening process, the gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied directly to your teeth. If there are damages in the root, the vital whitening process will not work and in such case, your dentist will suggest non-vital whitening teeth procedure. The problem is arising from the nerves in the root and different whitening method is used for whitening your teeth. You must aware that whitening is not a permanent one and after some days, the stains come again so you must visit your dentist frequently for whitening.

Some people feel side effects due to whitening process. It causes your teeth more sensitive during the process for a short period of time. You may face irritation in your gums also. The pregnant women should avoid the teeth whitening treatment during pregnancy. The main side effect in the teeth whitening procedure is sensitivity. It is only the temporary problem and never delays the treatment because of it.